This is Bex.

Hi. I’m Bex.

About a year ago, in an uncharacteristic fit of unsentimentality I deleted everything that was previously posted on this blog. It’s taken me nearly eleven months, a marriage, a move, and a year of unemployment for me to figure out what I’d like to do in this space. Welcome to part bible study/part commentary/part something as to yet unknown.

More about me:

I am a writer.

I have written short stories, speculative fiction, short plays, and some truly horrendous poetry to absolutely no acclaim, but that doesn’t stop me from jotting down strange ideas.
I also have been known to edit from time to time.

I am in ministry.

This one is new: I recently took over leadership of my church’s Book Nook — part book store, part resource center, part charity (all proceeds go to support missionaries around the globe). I spend a lot of time researching bible study materials.

I am a baker.

My signature bake has to be my chocolate chips cookies, which have been described as “magical”. Cakes, pies, bundts, cookies, breads, I love them all, and I love to experiment with new recipes. My husband and I are never able to eat it all, so if you’re interested, I’m always ready to share.

I am an artist.

As a child I dabbled in drawing and painting. I learned the violin, ukulele, and guitar to a somewhat impressive skill-level. I was an actor (mostly college) and a singer (mostly children’s choirs). Today I spend more time in the fiber arts — cross stitch, crochet, and knitting.

In 2007 I earned my Bachelor’s degree in, of all things, English. Since then I have worked as a camp couselor, an educator, a guest services clerk, a nature specialist, a warehouse worker, and a group leader in an afterschool program. I’ve traveled around the U.S. visiting friends and family. I’ve taught Sunday School and science lessons. I’ve played music with my friends around bonfires in the woods. I’ve lived in cabins in the mountains and at the edge of salt marshes. I’ve shared a room with my (then) six year old niece. I’ve moved back to my childhood home, completely at a lost, all the while trusting God that all this life experience would be used in some manner in my creative endeavors.

Now I live with my husband, and the two cats that came with him, in our home in Central Massachusetts. He cooks lovely meals, I bake dessert, and together we put together really great dinner parties. We both love God and endeavor to know him better, to grow closer to him in our spiritual lives.

This blog, I hope, will act as more than just me fleshing out what I’ve learned in my personal study — something I am still learning how to do, and growing in — but I hope that maybe it’ll spark something within you. I am not a theologian, nor am I a preacher. I am just a woman with a humanities degree who was always fairly good at doing primary research and writing essays.

Study with me?

God bless,