Side effect of wandering around Portland for two months straight:

If I start watching Grimm I’m going to be so distracted by all the locations I recognize.  I’m two minutes into the pilot and I can tell you they’re on NW 10th and Flanders.  Which happens to be where my sister currently works which is how I spotted it immediately.

I’m from New England, where little filming occurs.  I’m not used to recognizing locations because I’ve been there.  I can tell you Dean and Sam go to a motel where Juliette and Lassie staked out some parolees who kidnapped Shawn and Gus.  And I can tell you the Rosewood Grill is really Luke’s Diner.  And the Royal Diner is down the street from MacLaren’s Pub.  (Because I’ve got a little Rainman going on.)  But almost never can I tell you on sight where a location is.  (Scenes in both The Box and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past where filmed at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Mass.)

Therefore if I watch Grimm, I will be insufferable with all my newly gained Portland knowledge.

Maybe only if I watch it with other people… because I sort of really want to test my memory!

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