Adventures in Gastronomy

I love food.  All food.  Except for asparagus, grapefruit, grapes,  Brussel’s sprouts, cooked mushrooms, tofu, and fruit in bread.  Pretty much everything else is super cool with me.  I am also a Super Fan of trying new foods.  This is how I know I like honey hot wings, doner kebabs, spanakopita, linguicia, seitan, and aloo gobi (and not just because it has a funny sounding name).  I will try pretty much anything put in front of me.  Even that time my friend’s mom made a Jewish noodle/bread dish/thing that definitely had raisins in it.*  That I did not like, but I ate it.

The other day I went to visit one of my best friends, my oldest friend, in fact, and her brand new to the world baby girl.  Now, because my friend is a traitor vegan, she took her baby, her father, and me to a vegetarian/vegan joint in Cambridge MA that was truly delightful.  I had a bowl full of things that, in my mind, ought to be sides to complement a meat dish.  There was nutritional yeast involved and kale, foods I don’t normally have anything to do with, but this combination, plus the awesome sauce that flavored it, made the bowl a delightful culinary experience.

So delightful, in fact, tonight I attempted to recreate it… Bex Style.


Presentation in food is not my game, I am all about the flavor and this bowl was full of it.  I scraped together the sauce recipe from two separate blogs online (others who were also trying to recreate this same dish) and chose the food items I find pleasant.  And, because I’m not a heathen, I also cooked some chicken legs to go along with it.   In the end it was a nice bowl of brown rice topped with steamed broccoli, carrots, almond slivers, raisins, and the sweet curry miso sauce.  The sauce wasn’t quite right, but I’m confident it’ll be better next time.  The chicken was a lovely addition.

The only thing missing was the Ginger Crush drink the restaurant makes.  It was a delightful refresher.  If I can figure out how the ginger works in the combo with the lemon and maple syrup, I will be so happy.  When it comes to working with ginger I am woefully ignorant.

* I love raisins, but they should never be cooked.


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