I was about to write a really self-indulgent post about how much pressure I’ve been under lately, but I can’t be that petty.

All I really want to express is how overwhelming the smallest of changes can be.  I mean, it’s a big change; it altered one small aspect.  But that alteration has led to upheaval elsewhere.  Ripple in still water and all that shit.

Basically, sometimes it’s really fucking hard to keep shit together generally while also attempting to sort out my own situation and decide what’s best for me.  Especially when others come along and drop their fucking spanner in the works.  Others swoop in and try to fix things resulting in some good and some bruised toes and more work for me.

Part of me wants to childish shout at everyone: BACK THE FUCK OFF, MUTHAFUCKS!  But that won’t accomplish shit.

Side note: I’ve started watching Parenthood on Netflix and it’s oddly comforting to watch my family life unfold dramatically on the small screen.


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