Side effect of wandering around Portland for two months straight:

If I start watching Grimm I’m going to be so distracted by all the locations I recognize.  I’m two minutes into the pilot and I can tell you they’re on NW 10th and Flanders.  Which happens to be where my sister currently works which is how I spotted it immediately.

I’m from New England, where little filming occurs.  I’m not used to recognizing locations because I’ve been there.  I can tell you Dean and Sam go to a motel where Juliette and Lassie staked out some parolees who kidnapped Shawn and Gus.  And I can tell you the Rosewood Grill is really Luke’s Diner.  And the Royal Diner is down the street from MacLaren’s Pub.  (Because I’ve got a little Rainman going on.)  But almost never can I tell you on sight where a location is.  (Scenes in both The Box and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past where filmed at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Mass.)

Therefore if I watch Grimm, I will be insufferable with all my newly gained Portland knowledge.

Maybe only if I watch it with other people… because I sort of really want to test my memory!

Also, I should probably share, today I watched a little of the filming of a scene for an upcoming episode.


This is whatsherface from QuarterLife who plays Juliette(?) on the show and some dude I don’t recognize and therefore couldn’t even look him up on IMDB to find out.

As you already know, I don’t watch this show.  I only know that actress because she played “Dylan” on QuarterLife.  In fact, while trying to dredge up her name from the pits of my memory, I could only come up with “Dylan”.


That’s the street where they were filming. The actors are on the sidewalk on the left (you can see Bitsie Tulloch in the blue coat) and the camera and crew were set up on the sidewalk opposite. It was really quite fascinating to watch the crew run around (or not run around) and do things.


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