Final Attempt

I’ve mentioned recently that I updated my resume on job sites and I’m getting phone calls and emails from Financial Advisers and Insurance companies, jobs for which I’m not qualified.  Some of these companies have been more insistent than others.  It’s fair.  I updated my resume, thus suggesting I’m serious about looking for full-time work.  I don’t mind they write and call.

But I had to laugh this morning when I received an email from one of the more insistent companies headed:  “Final Attempt”.  The email goes on to tell me they haven’t been able to contact me in order to “move forward” with the “application process”, which actually means “start” the application process seeing as I haven’t actually applied.

Their voicemails are pretty funny as well.  With each call I don’t return the woman sounds more and more annoyed.  Threatening to move on to “other applicants”.  Maybe it’s mean I’m so amused, but they are cold-calling me and getting annoyed when I don’t respond.

I know, I know, with little specificity I’ve implied I’m searching for a full time job, they might as well give me a chance.  But they’re reminding me of that dude on OK Cupid who, like a man pissed when a woman doesn’t respond to his catcall, was annoyed I didn’t write him back.


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