Murder. I did.

This is Frankie:

Frankie, my Madagascar hissing cockroach.

Frankie, my Madagascar hissing cockroach.

I’ve only had her since June.  In early August my father was watching Frankie and he found roach babies in her tank.  (What the fish?  The one weekend I ask him to check in on her while I’m out of town she has babies!)  I gave him the go-ahead to take care of them.  He said he squished about fifteen or twenty.  Tonight I found more in there when I went to check her water.  I squished around ten or fifteen.

My assumption, since a hisser’s gestation period is sixty days and she’s been without an adult male since June, is that the ones I killed tonight where from the litter in August.  I really hope that was the last of them.

I feel a little sad and uncomfortable that I just killed a bunch of Frankie’s babies, but, then again, what the fish?

Also: How have I not noticed extra critters in her tank all this time?  That’s something I just don’t understand.  I’ve taken her out, and given her food, and replaced her water many times without noticing there were ten to fifteen little roaches crawling around…. how?


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