I met a woman this week who was in school with my mother.  They had violin lessons together when they were children and her husband and my dad had been friends in high school.  The woman, now in her mid-sixties, was clearly a bit bohemian growing up.  Nothing about her was wacky enough for her to be labeled “crazy”, but she certainly was a bit of a free spirit, much in the way I hope to be described one day.

She, my mother’s friend, starts telling me about her twin sister.  A woman who must be much like my mother’s friend, decided while they were still young, that she would travel to Australia.  She’d go over on a work visa, get a job, see a foreign place for a while, then return to the USA.  About a month into her trip to experience life and see the world, this lady’s sister met a man.  She liked the man enough to stick around Australia for a while.  “A while” being thirty years.

It’s a little Father of the Bride:

But, by all accounts, my mother’s friend’s sister wasn’t looking for a man in Australia, but she found one and she’s stayed, and, presumably, doesn’t regret a thing — except, of course, for being so far away from her sister (mine is only on the opposite coast and I miss her!).

Anyhow, I know a woman who has been out of the country for nearly two years straight.  Currently she’s living and working in Australia.  She left initially to teach English in South Korea (something I considered doing once) and thought she’d only be gone for that year, never realizing it would give her the bug.


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