Quick Question:

Do I sound like an ass in that Comic Con post?

I didn’t edit it after I wrote it and before I posted it.  I shouldn’t write and post in a rush.  It leads to me second guessing what I’ve written.

And it certainly isn’t my intention to be a jerk about anything that happened this past weekend.  I had a great time.  I think the people who were irritated it was taking so long to get their photos had a legitimate concern, but I also believe the convention people came up with a good solution under the circumstances.

Also, I don’t mean to belittle the rush or excitement people get out of meeting the actors who work these events.  It is exciting for me that I met someone I admire, and I understand that it’s a crazy rush and we need to move along in order to get everyone photographed in a timely manner.  I’m not complaining or denigrating people who enjoy meeting actors like that.  I only meant to impart that meeting her was not the highlight of the day for me.

I hope I don’t come across as an ass and that’s why it’s being shared on Facebook.

Also: Who is sharing it on Facebook?  Because you lovely people aren’t on my newsfeed and I’m always curious when I don’t get to see the sharing process.


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