Dada… dadadadadah

Today I made some poetry by stringing together words from the Subject Lines of emails filtered into my “Promotions Tab” (read: junk mail).  As expected, each one highlights the consumerism of our society, as well as the vapid focus on celebrity culture, parties, entertainment, materialism, and advertising.  I’m thinking of calling the whole thing: Don’t Buy the Hype.

This one is my favorite so far.

A Genius Wardrobe Solution

A genius wardrobe solution:

Bomber Gear dry suits

High-Rise Jegging

Free tee?

Wolverine boots

Spring sweatshirts


Prescription Eyewear

Tropical Florals


Vera Bradley

Khakis & Cargo

Columbia Sportswear

The New Pixie Pant

Gucci Watches

Bangles –

The styles we can’t live without.

— par moi


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