“Robo Hobo”

During my company’s Staff Training Weekend thing, my buddy and I skipped out on a class and painted our friend’s car. The previous session my buddy had taught a Large Art class, something he does with students, and while it was most excellent, I personally wasn’t fulfilled. During his class I had doodled a Hobo Robot that he and I fell in love with. All I wanted to do was paint it on the side of the car, but the class was working on something on the roof of the car and I couldn’t do it then. But with C’s help I returned to the vehicle and created this piece of wonderfulness.

The experience was amazingly cathartic. I haven’t created a large piece of art in many years and I have been desperate to do something big. (Like a wall. I want to paint a very large wall.) It was so much fun. C and I also got a chance to talk and catch up, discuss life, etc. So there was bonding as well as creating something wonderful that the owner of the car, hopefully, enjoys.

Especially seeing as now he’s my best advertisement, driving around with the Robo Hobo sprayed on the side of his car. This might be the single greatest thing I’ve created in a very long time.


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