A Game of Thrones

Maybe I can make this observation here without having my head bitten off: 300 pages into A Game of Thrones and I’m paying close attention to Sansa so I can figure out why everyone loves her so much.

And I’m only doing this because I heard about Sansa before I’d even heard of the damn book.

At the point in the books that I am: Sansa sucks.  She sucks the way any vain, entitled teen does fact, fiction, or fantasy.  Sansa’s sensibilities are 100% on par with a girl of her position and age.  She still sucks when she doesn’t back up her sister – but, maybe, that’s the younger sister in me talking?  I fully believe Sansa is going to rise to the occassion based on an understanding of basic modern storytelling (unless Martin is about to pull the rug right out from under me).  That doesn’t mean she’s not annoying me currently.

And that doesn’t mean I can’t express my frustrations with her character if I so choose.

Sometimes I hate the Internet for this reason.  A tool made to bring people of similar minds together, but then one person can come along, make an unnecessary comment that makes one feels they are not entitled to an opinion.  Sort of like the schoolyard in elementary school.

Yeah, I’m a mite pouty over this. I’m a big girl, I can own up to it (and, honestly, I’m a tad amused by it).

But bruised feelings aside: Sansa is a bit of a twit.  But aren’t we all before we learn how the world truly operates? 


2 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones

  1. Yes yes yes. Sansa is not my favorite character either (Tyrion is, for the record) – I keep waiting for her to grow up, and perhaps there is the beginning of it in book 4. But you got to get there first. We’ll see how things go after that.

    • I’ve had people tell me they didn’t like her until book three and others who don’t like her at all! I’m certainly not alone in disliking her.
      I’ve also had plenty of people tell me that I need to wait it out, cause, later, I’ll, like, totes adore her. This is why I don’t like reading popular books: too many people want me to love it for the same reasons they love it. I’d like to form my own opinion about it.
      ps. I totally dig Tyrion.

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