I am intrigued by “Vlogging” and occasionally have thought about starting up my own videos on my YouTube account (which I made mostly to share videos of other people I have taken) but then I remember how much I hate the sound of my voice on tape.  My voice recorded is terrible.  (Probably why I haven’t pursued a film/TV acting career.)  I want nothing to do with hearing my voice recorded, but I also love video and I love performing and I love talking and everything that goes along with all of that.

But then I watch other peoples’ vlogs and I LOVE THEM.  They look like so much fun.  They sound amazing.  Their voices sound nothing like mine!  I get so pumped and inspired by other people’s vlogs and rush over to YouTube and try to record things.  But then I hear my voice….

It’s not that sad: not everyone can vlog; but sometimes I wish I could.


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