The Girl Scouts…


I love the Girl Scouts.  Not necessarily the women who run the Girl Scouts (this is based on the ones I know and have worked with — which isn’t very diplomatic of me, perhaps, but I sort of don’t care – and never have cared much – for the women at Council*), but the women and the girls at the scout level are amazing.  The women who choose to run Girl Scout troops, the volunteers who help out in their service units, the girls themselves are all a joy to behold.

I ducked down into the Davis Square T station yesterday to check how much money I had on my ticket (because I know I don’t have enough on my Charlie Card for the bus) and wanted to make sure I could actually take the bus rather than walk all the way back (even though I walked into the square earlier — the weather had gotten yuckier).  Lo, and behold, there was a table of little girls with a couple of women selling cookies.  I had figured I wouldn’t run into another booth sale this year, but I was delightfully wrong.

I hated booth sales as a kid.  I hated standing around and having to talk to people.  But, as an adult, I love booth sales.  I love talking to the girls and asking them questions.  Often I ignore the adult altogether and only speak to the girls.  Yesterday afternoon I spoke to the women, they were really friendly and weren’t pushing the girls to do anything or talking for them.  Except to urge them to offer free samples of the mango creme cookies (they’re weird); I asked the girl I was talking to if she liked them (she doesn’t).  I told her which ones I don’t like (the lemon).  She and her friend told me their favorites (Caramel Delights/Samoas).  I told her mine (Thin Mints).  All in all, a delightful encounter.

While I was standing there a man came along and made a donation.  It was awfully sweet.  The girls were great and I hope they get a lot of sales as more people were probably taking public transportation (they really should’ve set up in the bus station) during the gross weather we were experiencing.

*I should note that I honestly do appreciate the women who work for the council and corporate because without them and their hard work then we wouldn’t have all the programs that make Girl Scouts such a great program and we wouldn’t have the troops and their activities.  Whether the women at Council are likable or not is pretty irrelevant when you stop and consider what is important: the girls; and the women and men who run their programming.  So, I apologize for the slight, women of Council; please, keep up the good work.


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