And the winner is…

And the winner is...

The Lenovo S405 IdeaPad ultrabook whatever thingy…

This took a lot of deliberation and research and a lot of talking to various people both helpful and thought they were being helpful. (Most people were actually very helpful in vastly different ways). I read a lot about computers, learned a thing or two, read user reviews that ranged from awful to baffling and back again. And I am ever so grateful that I did.

I consulted with my techy brother a whole lot and made sure to get his final approval before I made any rash decisions and, hopefully, I will be very happy with my decision. It’s a 14 inch screen, still not very large but with a more comfortable keyboard, there’s no optical drive — I’ll probably end up purchasing one down the line (the last external optical drive I had lasted about three impressive years) — and it will be here as early as tomorrow. Now, I just need to get my old files off my Beastie and I’ll be ready to go.

Also: if someone could give me a logical explanation to why someone would purchase an Ultrabook for gaming my research will be complete. (I’m not a gamer and that doesn’t make any sense to me.)


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