I Hate Technology

Not a bold-faced lie, exactly; more like a half-truth: I hate technology.  My beloved Beastie – the first large purchase I made for myself when I was twenty one – my Dell Inspiron crapped out on me last month.  Since then I have been using my older sister’s old computer (slightly younger than my Beast, but in as bad of shape, quite frankly), and, in the past couple weeks, it, too, has been crapping out on me.  Not quite as irrevocably as Beast, but still irritating.

Today I have been evaluating my actual computer-based needs and using yet another sister’s brand new, shiny laptop to research refurbished machines and netbooks (like the one pictured above).  In doing all this research it has, yet again, become glaringly obvious that I don’t know a damn thing about computers.  Not enough to know what is good or bad or ugly or shiny.  Computers, to me, seem like brains: we only use a fraction of our brains: I feel like, personally, I only use a fraction of a computer’s capacity.  It comes with all sorts of programs and games and other bullshit that I am never going to use and it sits there taking up space.  All I really need is a word processor and Internet access; I really don’t do much else on my computer.  (Ok, sure, I also do some music and videos, but I’m happy using Netflix and Hulu and legitimate music sites like iTunes and Bandcamp.)

My biggest concern at the moment are the things trapped on my old computer: my writing, my music, and my pictures.  Those I don’t want to lose.  But, if I get a new machine, I don’t want all that extra malarkey.  I need storage for my writing, my music, and my pictures, and I need the Internets.  That’s all.  I don’t need InDesign, or Photoshop, or Outlook, or Quicktime, or video editing software, or whatever.  A program to watch DVDs, that’d be nice.  Listen to CDs, excellent.  A place to write and Internets access.  What else does a girl need?

What should I get?  What meets these needs?  Any recommendations, Internet?


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