Glee. Oh yeah…

Glee.  Oh yeah...

I wouldn’t say I watched Glee religiously, but some friends and I did stay up late to torrent the final episode of the first season the night it aired so we could watch it.

Recently, however, I sort of completely forgot about Glee. I haven’t watched it in over a year and sort of feel like it jumped the shark when they all started dating each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the premise of the show: misfit kids finding confidence through show choir. And highlighting the fact that even the most composed and seemingly sure of themselves person can still feel horribly out of place. But I got tired of the after-school-special feel that had crept into the episodes. (Again, even though they fit and worked within the context of the show.)

Needless to say I have no idea what is going on with the program now. Are we following Berry and Colfer in NYC (did they even make it?); are she and jock-boy still an item; is Brittany still dating the Lebanese; is Sue Sylvester still the villain; does the teacher ever actually go to any of his Spanish classes; is he still with Charlie from Heroes who dated Harrison from Popular on Ugly Betty but slept with Julie Bowen’s gay brother in that other show or is she back with Uncle Jesse?

Do I care enough to watch any episodes from the past year? Probably not. Only reason I am talking about this is because I was startled when all the actors from this show were promoting the new episode on Twitter…. and I had forgotten about the show… right.


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