The other day my nephew found my snacks.

In the past two winters I’ve lived here, he’s never once questioned the reusable shopping bag filled with Twizzlers, Watermelon slices, tea, and Cheez-Its (which reminds me: buy Cheez-Its tomorrow).  Granted it’s only this year he’s two going on three and becoming more and more interested in playing the game “What do you have?”.

But, it’s true: I like my snacks (snax).  Whether it’s in the form of trail mix or chocolate or kielbasa slices, snacks are a wonderful thing.  Currently my snacks are a little sad.  It’s mostly sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Old chocolate from Christmas, a jar of honey, Nutella, peanut butter, orange Tic Tacs, Tazo tea (bags), a can of beans, Sour Patch Kids, and some stale Twizzlers (always put those suckers in a Ziplock after opening).  As you can tell: I really need some cheesy, salty crackers to make my dry storage more palatable. 

The girl who sits next to me at our temp job has been bringing in a baggie of almonds everyday and it hit me: I’d forgotten about nuts!  I’ve been trying to figure out when I can get my forgetful ass over to a grocery market so I can get some peanuts or cashews – maybe some dried fruit to go along with it… or apples (I forget how much I like apples in the winter).  The cafe where I’m working have halved avocados (weird) but seeing them today made me want avocado.

My problem seems to be: there aren’t any grocery markets near where I work and I’m too tired to go all the way over to the one near home when I get back at the end of the day.  SO I’m still mooching Kind Bars off my sister and foregoing fruit (and Cheez-Its).  Also: our closest grocery market is Whole Foods and I don’t think they carry Cheez-Its.  It will have to wait a few more days.  Over the weekend, when I have more time and energy I should be able to replenish my snacks (and finally dispose of the empties) and get back to a healthier munchier me.

(Sidenote: how awesome a book title for an eating book would that be?  “A Healthier, Munchier Me”.  Included would be the tastiest snacks for more energy, which snacks to eat during which period drama, how to be a subtle snacker, and vague pot references.)

Tomorrow I might have to break down and buy Doritos from the cafe, but I think I’m definitely bringing another peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch — it tasted to good today; but I’ll have to remember to bring something with chocolate in it, that was missing from today’s lunch.


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