The Internets

I am tired of hearing peoples opinions about what happened in Newtown, CT this week.  I am so sick of your FB status updates and your GIFs and your bullshit about concealed weapons.  I hate that all these conversations about gun laws and mental health care began almost immediately after the incident happened.  I don’t even know the details of what happened because I can’t seem to be able to sift through all the bullshit.

The Internet is an interesting tool, but sometimes I hate that it is used to spout out any and everyone’s opinions before proper respect is given.

Children were murdered this week and that is unacceptable.  I would like some time to be sad about that and some time to learn why it happened before people start telling me that we can’t blame the gun.  Or that if we had proper mental health care this wouldn’t have happened.  While these things may be true, they are irrelevant: this incident happened and I’d like to process that first.


An Addendum:  I’m not saying we/you shouldn’t have these discussions… I’m merely expressing my personal annoyance that I first read someone’s opinion before I even knew what happened.


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