Being brave can be a pretty tough thing to do.  I am often not brave.  I am often chicken-shit.  I often cut and run the other way.  I over-think things, freak myself out and run.

But being brave is also one of the most rewarding things a person can do.  I’ve learned over the years that my bravado facade of charging ahead really isn’t a bad way to go.  I’ve been some interesting places and met some interesting people that way.  Being not afraid to do something or go somewhere, while it can get me in trouble, it also pushes out the comfort zone and allows me to expand my horizons (and all that other junk).

I’m never sad that I’ve been brave.  In the end, it usually turns out to be the better choice.  Wearing pink nail polish, taking the bus to NYC, saying ‘let’s do this’ when I’m not sure I want to have all helped make me a stronger person.  It’s all working together to make me a more interesting person, a person with stories, a person of understanding, a person with something to write about.

I envy other cultures that value travel.  I’ve met so many interesting Australians and Swedish people (amongst others) while they were traveling.  They’ve been to so many places and seen so many things and have gained a very practical outlook on the world.  I envy them their bravery to just forge ahead and go new places with or without a travelling companion.  There’s no fear.  No worry.  Just a new place and a new interesting thing.  They are tenacious, and they are inspiring.



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