I’ve started drafting a “musical”?


It all started by me listening to music by this woman: Emilie Autumn.  She’s got some great rock opera-y, angry girl music that ties together some very delightful themes and genres and styles.  I quite like it.  But I started thinking about how to incorporate her music into a play about “crazy” girls in an institution, except none of them are actually “crazy” and the men in charge of the facility are simply abusing their power and have been for years.  Until the girls, with the help of a couple of new doctors, decide to rise up and claim their freedom.

It’s a work in progress.

But I’ve lovingly named the girls The Burlesque Girls and I want them to be corseted (except when their in hospital johnnies) and made up – much like Miss Autumn in the above picture – for the entire show.

Like Alicia Banit in that Showcase episode of Dance Academy:


That costume is both ridiculous and wonderful; and that’s what I want for my Burlesque Girls.  But I want them to be unique.  I want their Burlesque Costume to reflect why they are in Arkham.  One of them will be wrapped in ribbons because of that Ingrid Michaelson song.  Not sure about the rest yet.  Michelle might just be in red and black since she’s our hero and is the driving force behind the rebellion.  We need her to be fierce, a little scary, and passionate as anything.

I think I really need to get around to writing this now.  At least an outline.


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