Phrases or Words that Should Never be Used.

  • “Just Sayin'” – I think I’ve said this here before, but it still gets my goat, just sayin’.  You’re not actually saying anything when you throw “just sayin'” at the end of a statement.  And it’s usually a way to cover up something rude.  “That sweater is the color of cat puke, just sayin’.”  Or dumb.  “You were a real bitch in class today when you said that Ophelia was a ‘troubled soul’.  You don’t have to judge her like that, just sayin’.”
  • “No offense, but…” – With this one the person is going to say something that the hearer isn’t necessarily going to like.  The speaker most likely means what they are saying kindly, they’re not saying it to be rude, but saying “no offense” before making a statement still puts the hearer on guard and the statement still comes across as rude. “No offense, but did you mean to put the cherry next to the lime?  It looks like Christmas.”  “No offense, but that shade of brown doesn’t really go with your skin tone.  It makes you look jaundiced.”

I had a class in college where one of the other students used “just sayin'” at the end of her argument and our professor went off about it and asked us “what does that mean?”  The girl who said it answered “It means, ‘just sayin'”.  Then a few more tried to define it further and the whole argument fell apart and it was never resolved.


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