Single and Scared

When I was still dating the TMM I was pretty damn ok with the idea of finding a crappy job and shitty housing out in Western Mass where I assumed he would be spending his winter in order to keep going with this music thing he’s started.  But now that I’m single and I can go anywhere I want I am terrified to pursue anything.  I want to go far and wide, I want to take the fucking plunge and leave north eastern United States and go somewhere else, but I’m too chicken shit to do it.  When I had something to ground me, like a man, I was ok with the idea of going somewhere faraway and doing something so entirely outside my comfort zone, but now that I would have nothing to add some normalcy to the equation I’m petrified.

How do you do it, people who have?  How have you found yourselves on the other side of the country or the world?  What did you do?  How did you hack it?  I want to get out of here, I’d love to go to Australia or New Zealand or Japan or Korea or Spain or even back to England.  What did you do?  What do I need to do?


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