Today while writing two separate pieces I deliberately give misinformation.

1. I miss-interpret an Emily Dickinson poem in a rant style monologue.

2. I miss-identify an actress because she looks very similar to another actress and it’s not that I think it’s a common mistake, but I want the character speaking about her to be highly unlikable.  (There are other reasons in the story to find her unlikable, I’m not an idiot, I don’t think not getting a name wrong makes a person unlikable, but I am doing it on purpose to add to her ignorance/unlikableness/odiousness.)

Is that going to be confusing?  Would a reader understand?  Or will the average reader just think I’m the idiot for saying one person when I mean another, or for twisting a fragment of a poem and having a Voice both get the information wrong and analyze the line out of context?


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