Pretty Little Liars

Presumably this show has some sort of outline, since its based on a series of books, but sometimes I can’t help thinking it’s really just a soap opera and they’re writing it as they go along.  It’s got some classic soap elements: secret half siblings, murder, characters who disappear and reappear when it’s convenient for the plot, secret sex, bitch slapping, faked pregnancies, faked blindness, betrayal….

Also, I never had a high school relationship, so I don’t really know what they’re like, but I can’t help thinking that these girls (and their boyfriends) are trying too hard to have adult relationships.  Granted both Aria and Spencer’s boyfriends are out of high school (and college), but they still seem way too serious for high school relationships.  I know your teen years are the ultimate, or whatever, everything is so fucking serious at that age, but this just seems so silly.


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