I know, it’s been a while.  I haven’t been writing much and I’m getting back into it now that my NC season is over and, oh man, am I rusty.

I did work on a piece that have posted on Scribd.  It’s titleless, but interestingish.  It was inspired by the raccoons living in the ceiling of my cabin and the story can be found here.

I have been working to update my Tumblr as well.  I have read at least four books since April (which is really quite an accomplishment considering I work fourteen hour days and often don’t want to do anything remotely intellectual at the end of the day or week — I historically get through one or two books a season, how I managed four is astounding).  But I’ve had the review/essay on The Help written, but not posted, for two months and I just busted out the one for The Phantom Tollbooth.  I need to muster up my memories of how I felt while reading The Little Prince and The Phantom of the Opera now.  The last will be the easiest because I just finished it the other day, but I honestly hardly remember how I felt while reading the other (this is why I generally can’t read books of interest during the season — I’m generally too tired while I’m reading to remember much if I don’t write it down and I don’t think I wrote a damn thing while reading The Little Prince).

But I’m working on it and I’m working on other creative writing pieces and, really, that’s all that matters.


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