Not to be too b…

Not to be too big of a bitch or anything, but there are six people who actually fucking live here hanging out this weekend and ten people who don’t are here.  I’m seriously annoyed with the people who don’t live here being here.  If it were just J, F, R, JRB and TJ I think I wouldn’t be all that annoyed.  But because there’s all these people are just sitting around in my yard who don’t actually know anyone here… I’m super annoyed.

There’s no party here this weekend.  We’re not having a “gathering”.  People were not invited to come hang out.  At least three of the ten extra people here this weekend invited themselves.  I don’t think anyone was asked if they minded having extra people around this weekend.  I’m not sure what I would have said had I been asked.  I did have my fella and three of my friends show up one weekend, so I guess I can’t really talk (because they also brought extra people that weekend), but I asked everyone at large if is was ok if the one complete random person (that I knew about) could come hang out for a few hours.

Ok, bitch session is done.


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