Contusion Head


Rebecca’s students gather around her as the spring mist settles on their heads and the field around them. The bright eyed sixth graders chat excitedly to one another as she calls them to attention.
“Ok,” she says, “Here’s what we’re going to do today. I’m not doing so awesome physically, I don’t know if you noticed I disappeared yesterday after lunch…”
“Yeah! Where did you go?” asks Penelope, a tall girl who is as loud and brash at 12 as Rebecca is at 27.
“I wasn’t feeling so well. My head hurts.”
“Like a headache?” asks James looking up at her. James is a small boy, the kind that is going to be tiny most of his childhood, then somewhere around sixteen or seventeen is suddenly going to tower over his classmates, then around twenty three is going to fill out into a very good looking young man.
Rebecca looked down at James.
“No, I, uh, I hit my head yesterday.”
“Oh!” cries Johnna. “You mean when you hit your head on that tree?”
Rebecca starts laughing. Only Johnna and a boy named David actually witnessed her hitting her head on that branch and she hadn’t really been so sure they’d remembered her doing it. But David piped up immediately when the other students asked, confused, what Johnna meant.
“She crawled under that fallen tree and came up on the other side and hit her head on a branch!”
Twelve sets of shining eyes turned to Rebecca looking for confirmation.
“Yep, that’s what happened. So I have a little bit of a concussion, so we are going to start our Field Group working on a Super Secret Mission, then you guys are going to go with Slade Marshall for the rest of the time and you’re going to play with him. And I’m going to take some more Tylenol.”

** This actually happened. My head is killing me and I’m just so tired…


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