I’ll be honest: I can’t wait to live by the water again.

I’m very sad and not all that sad that the Fella is going to be working in Maine while I will be in Rhode Island.  I think we’re benefiting from all this time apart; keep things from moving faster than they should.  And I’m really glad he is also going to be living on the ocean and taking kids to the beach every week.  I’m a little jealous that he gets to experience that in a very different way from how we did last fall on the Cape and how we operate in Rhode Island (in Maine it’s a proper beach with tourists and everything, then there’s a large salt marsh I’d love to explore; in Rhode Island we have a little salt marsh and lots of beach and mating horseshoe crabs).  But I’m still glad to be going back to Rhode Island (I’ve been trying to get back there for a year).  I’m excited to lay out on the dock and take students to the water and show them the bioluminescence instead of just telling them about and having them “take my word for it”.  (They get it, but they don’t and that’s unfortunate.)

I miss southern Rhode Island.  I would absolutely move down there for serious.


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