A Description of Nipples

A Description of Nipples

on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

She writes about how nipples in romance novels are always described in the same terms: Women’s nipples are fruit flavored and Men’s nipples are flat and reminiscent of pennies.  (Not my experience with nipples, but sure…)

She challenges her readers to come up with new ways to describe nipples.  I did not participate having only found this article today, but I did footnote a version here.


Her nipples hardened and rose as his supple lips lightly brushed over first one and then the other.  They stood out like lookout towers at the tops of two tall mountains.  If he squinted he could just see hikers taking in views as far away as the next room.





(It’s possible part of this stems from middle school, when my friends were obsessed with our boobs’ growth and one of them said to me: “We have hills, you have mountains” and I was highly embarrassed.)


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