Post Wherein I Am Awful to the Sisterhood*

Some Chick is being a real twat to my Fake Bro-dawg.  Little does she know he’s telling me everything that is/has happening/ed between them and I am so totally going to write an awesome story based on this winter and she is going to be such a complex and horrible character she isn’t even going to recognize herself in the character and she’s going to continue being horrible to really decent dudes until one of them points out that she is this character and she can feel shamed.

This is assuming she knows how to read.

*In my defense: if she wasn’t being so horrible to my Fake Brother then I wouldn’t be being horrible about her.  I’ve also never met her, but still… she’s being dumb and Francie^ doesn’t deserve that!

^”Francie” also doesn’t deserve me perpetuating that fake name for him… sorry, bro.


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