Recent Themes:

Recently everything I’m writing has either a Hope-For-the-Future theme or it has a The-Future-Is-Unknown-But-its-ok-because-I’m-ok theme.  I’m not sure how to end the piece I just wrote.  I want to make it clear that these characters’ futures are unknown but they are, in this moment, ok with the unknown.  They’re living in the present and for now the present is just fine.

It’s also about Love.  Misplaced expressions of love, lost love, matrimonial love, brotherly love, unconditional love, nostalgic love.  Its about friendship, it’s about marriage, it’s about perception, it’s about young Christians (it’s a little derogatory toward young Christians, but it’s not judgey — because, well, I’m not into judging people, but it’s true, I know plenty of young Christians who go to bars and get drunk, get cleaned up and go to church on Sunday, but it also doesn’t matter because a fundamental of Christianity (should be) He without Sin cast the first Stone).  I don’t know… I feel a little weird about it.  Maybe I’ll share it here.

As soon as I get the fucking ending as best I can.


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