I have been having all sorts of crazy dreams that I want so much to hold onto and write up as stories.  Last nights was something along the lines of stopping a bad guy who now owns a majority of my family’s land that serves as some sort of camp that groups can rent for functions.  There was some sort of Festival going on and we knew, for some reason, that he was plotting something and I had to sneak off (because I knew the property intimately) and unplug something so bad shit wouldn’t go down.

Then I lounged in a tree that was just over the property line into what is actually my parents’ yard next to the drive way (where there isn’t really a tree like this at all) so he couldn’t “get me” there because I wasn’t on his property anymore…. cause that’s how it works, I was “on base”.

The other weird thing was the family that lived on the property, that we hired as caretakers, were a friend of mine from high school and her husband and their kid.  Except it wasn’t their kid.  In the dream she was and she was about ten and she looked exactly like her mother only smaller.  In real life they have a two year old son.

So weird.


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