Creative Funk

This past Sunday I finished a project I’ve been working on since November.  It is the Sketchbook Project 2012 put out by the Brooklyn Art Library.  I signed up in October, received my sketchbook in November and have slowly been putting the pages together.  I finished on Sunday and sent it out in the mail yesterday.  Since finishing I have felt horribly uncreative.

Ok, so that’s about two days worth of boring, but I can’t seem to shake it.  I try to read, I try to write, I try to think creatively and I can’t!  Probably what I really need is to get out and move around (did have cooking dance parties and was the highlight of my weekend) and go visit places other than a spin around the neighborhood and stopping at Whole Foods to pick up dinner.

I want to go Thrift Storing (shopping).  I want to go to an antiquated book store.  I want to hit up used bookstores.  I want to try on dresses that can remember Nixon losing the debate to Kennedy.  I want to take pictures of the Charles River, I want to go to Queens and visit the Man-Friend.  I want to do something that doesn’t require my brain to be creative!  But I haven’t been able to do these things yet, in part due to my own lethargy and in part because Bex is broke, but that ought to be changing soon.  I ought to be able to afford a bus ride into Boston and maybe a bus ride to NYC.  I might, I just might be able to get my creative mojo replenished.

Sometimes, when I’m unemployed and rotting in some family member’s home living rent free for some free babysitting and fresh baked cookies I feel like my life is on hold.  I do most of my reading and writing during this time, sure, but that is only somewhat life fulfilling (especially since I’m too chicken shit to submit anything).  I either need to fill my “off-season” time better or I need to change up my lifestyle.

I have also been going through this life-crisis every winter for the past five years….


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