Stories About Women, some thoughts

One of the Stories About Women stories (weird sentence) is based on a dream I had recently.  A really bizarre story dream.  I don’t have these a lot, not that I can remember, but when I woke up I remember much details about this dream and decided to write it down; decided it fit into my Stories About Women collection.

As I’m writing it, obviously, details are changing from the dream and other details are being expanded.  And I’m finding that I’m taking some weird turns and making bizarre commentary.  I’m not really sure where some of this is coming from.  There’s a whole bit about hookers and escorts and another bit about what makes a woman “gorgeous”.  The douchy guys are Australian, who are typically very nice people (actually, I know exactly where that detail is coming from) and I want my protagonist to be ethnically Mexican, but I don’t actually want to come right out and say she’s part Mexican (in part because I don’t want to be committed to a culture).  And the whole story is set in a specific generally area, a specific generally area I’ve never visited and only know from TV and movies.

I’m not really worried about the setting, I don’t really talk about it all that much, but the bizarre commentary is a little weird.  Especially the bit about call girls.  I don’t have any experience with call girls (except what I’ve seen on TV and movies) and I don’t actually have an opinion on call girls and yet, I’m writing about them and having characters make judgments about them.

Writing is a weird ambition.


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