Apparently it’s a venting day.  It is snowing buckets out there and I have little to no desire to do anything else but work on Stories About Women and bitch about them here.

Dream Story just took a weird turn.  I don’t really like the ending.  I mean, I do, but I don’t.  It’s ends with a loving Father/Daughter moment.  But the entire rest of the story is about the protagonists romantic life.  It was never meant to be a father/daughter story.  I have nothing against father/daughter stories and there’s bound to be a few amongst the Stories About Women collection, but this wasn’t meant to be one of them.  This one is about shitty dates and hopeful ones.


Also, the Dream Story is about five thousand words longer than the wedding story and six thousand longer than the current version of the Christmas Eve story.  (Ok, the Christmas Eve story is also a vignette, not a full on short story, so that doesn’t matter.)  I need another set of eyes on these pieces. I suppose that’s what blogging is all about.


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