Stories Based on Dreams. Who am I? Lovecraft?

Last week I had this crazy weird dream.  It was like an hour long episode of some 70s or 90s drama.  It was the story of a girl from the wrong side of the tracks accidentally pulled into the world of the privileged.  She goes on this date with this fancy pants dude who is in the throes of his own twisted personal life and basically ditches her in the parking lot of a fancy restaurant she’s underdressed to be at anyway and she sits basically all night in his minivan waiting for him to return and take her home.

Finally she gets tired of waiting and, in the dream, around dawn calls her mom to come pick her up.  Her mom stops at the drug store on the way home and gets her a bag of Twizzler’s to cheer her up.

I decided the dream was worth putting down on paper and would fit in to my Stories About Women that I’ve been working on.  The pieces I think would be good for that series are getting longer and longer with each consecutive story.  This one is definitely short story length instead of flash fiction or vignette length.


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