Goals, I’ve totally got some…

I’ve actually got a few projects in the works at the moment.  There is the romance novel based on the Tall Mustachioed Man’s silly song; there is a collection of stories I’m working on: Stories About Women, working title; there is The Education of Tess a story about a young woman who learns that she still has some growing up to do after college; then there’s the Christmas story rewrite I want to do for my Babcha.  I think Ba will like Stories About Women to a degree, but the Christmas story really is for her.  Hopefully I can get it finished before next Christmas and get it to her.

My issues now are all about time.  It’s winter (I hate winter) I get lazy in the winter.  I just want to curl up in my bed with my computer and watch episodes of 2 Broke Girls (because I love Kat Dennings not because it’s a quality program) but then it just reminds me of my own financial situation and I get depressed.  What I’ve got to do is remind myself, daily,  to get out of my head (and out of the house) and write.  Come home, type it all up, and figure out what to do with it next.


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