Reasons I’m terrified of being a “real writer”

Nobody wants to hear the ramblings of yet another middle class white girl from the suburbs and her middle class white girl problems and read about her self-centered narcissistic whinging and whining about how she feels like a misfit and boys don’t like her and she’s soo over high school or college or the assholes in her life and how her family drives her carzy but they let her live in their homes rent-free after she can’t find a permanent well paying job after college and she ends up babysitting her friends kids while they go on date nights with their spouses and she goes home to her cat, her laptop and illegally downloaded british television.

This is why Post-Grad was such a shitty movie.

America is over this shit and, as both a writer and a reader, so am I.

(but if its my story, what am I supposed to do?)


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